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Matsumae Cup 2021 to be postponed

Following serious considerations, the stakeholders Tokai University, the City of Vejle, the Danish Judo Federation

and Vejle Judo Club have decided to postpone Matsumae Cup 2021 due to Covid-19.

“We have pushed the deadline for postponement as far as at all possible and during the process weighed all PROs and CONs of executing Matsumae Cup 2021 in February,” so the President of the Matsumae Cup Organising Committee Erik Hansen, who continues, “even though we are convinced that we will be able to cope with the effective safety precautions, the Covid-19 situation is so unpredictable that we have decided to postpone our event as safety for guests from all over the world comes first”.

The organising committee has since summer worked with plans to execute the 2021 edition of Matsumae Cup with a keen and constant focus on Covid-19. Although vaccines are imminent, it is still unclear whether they will have been sufficiently and timely available to the more than 1.000 participants from 30 countries.

“Also, we must remember that the event includes much more than sport. Additionally, the organisers have developed an event concept, including cultural side-events and a business-event. Consequently, we have an extensive area of interaction for which we must prioritise safety”, Erik Hansen assures.

The organisers hope that they will not have to postpone for long, but emphasise that it will depend on Covid-19 developments.

Matsumae Cup and Danish Open in Judo have been held in Vejle, Denmark every year since 2015, and the host agreement between Tokai University, the Danish Judo Federation and Vejle Judo Club includes the 2022 event.

The Organising Committee for

Matsumae Cup and Danish Open Judo

Vejle Judo Club

December 2020